A Well Done Man’s Guide To Coconut Oil


Coconut Oil BenefitsA Well Done Man’s Guide To Coconut Oil

We’ve all heard about various benefits from Coconut oil for everything from your hair to your feet. This article is going to help you understand what exactly the benefits are, and how to use it.

Coconut oil can be purchased at most grocery stores or health food stores for roughly $8-$16 a jar.



VIRGIN, ORGANIC and UNREFINED coconut oil is a MUST!

Now for the benefits.

1) HAIR:

Use it weekly as a leave in conditioner. After showering and washing your hair simply rub a teaspoon of CO into your hair, making sure to get right to the scalp. This will not only condition and moisturizer your hair, but also your scalp preventing flakes and itching. It is also rumored to help slow the process of hair loss.

CO can also be used as a medium hold hair gel, just not recommended on hot days

2) FACE:

Wrinkle cream! Wrinkles are a product of dehydrated skin, apply before bed by gently tapping a decent amount onto crows feet, forehead and any areas of concern.

CO is a great shaving cream and aftershave in one. Just use as is!


Oil pulling, I’m sure you’ve all heard about it. Here’s the basic summary: CO is a very strong anti microbial properties so when you gently swish with a tablespoon of CO, for 15 – 20 minutes right when you wake up, it will draw the bacteria from your mouth and throat. I can tell this by the disgusting color of what I spit out and how much I cough up after.

Pulling should be done at least a few times a week but can be done up to a few times a day.

You can see whiter teeth, cavities and enamel heal, and improved gum strength

4) LIPS:

Use it like Chapstick.


Toothpaste is some pretty harsh, toxic shit!

Mix 4 tablespoons of coconut oil with 1 tablespoon of baking soda and you have an inexpensive, natural toothpaste that will make your mouth feel incredible.


Mix CO with cornstarch and baking soda to make a decent organic deodorant.

7) BODY:

Moisturizer. The greatest moisturizer ever actually. Apply a thin layer to the entire body and let absorb.

It’s also by far the greatest way to suppress psoriasis and eczema I’ve ever tried.

CO can also be mixed with pure cane sugar for a badass body scrub – FYI it tastes incredible, work it into your foreplay in the shower!

8) LUBE:

No mentally stable adult wants his woman tasting like a Dr McGillicuddy’s or a pack of Sour Patch Kids… Leave the tingly, flavored crap for the armatures…. Just a little dab and you’ll be able to fit that big ole’ slab of meat in the tightest places. It works universally on front and rear entry.

9) FEET:

Coconut Oil is Rex Ryan’s dream. No matter how dry, cracked and nasty your feet are you can fix them overnight.

Apply a thick layer of CO on your foot before bed and lightly wrap them in plastic wrap. When you wake up remover the wrap and let your feet air out. THEY WILL BE SLIPPERY!


Coconut oil has endless health benefits when eaten as a supplement. See the included chart for your recommended dosage.

Coconut Oil Benefits

CO ,when ingested, has been known to improve metabolism, energy, cholesterol, blood circulation, slow Alzheimer’s, balance blood sugar levels, and countless more!

Coconut Oil Benefits

So there you have it! The most versatile product that you should have in your house at all times. Take this new found knowledge and see how you feel after a month, a week, even tomorrow!

A Well Done Man knows how to take care of himself the natural way!

John Lamb

John Lamb

John Lamb is a nationally accredited Personal Trainer and carries numerous certifications in the health and wellness field. Aside from fitness and wellness, John has notoriety from his appearances on VH1's Tool Academy 2 as well as other various cameos in film and television. John's outgoing personality and ability to understand the human psyche landed him the job as the world's first international make sex decoy for a private investigator. His work with On The Mark Investigations landed him on The Howard Stern Show and even a special segment on WCVB's Chronicle. John's column will bring you weekly advice and insight on various subjects in the health and wellness field, as well as a personal perspective on current life issues.

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