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Liquid Assets

We need a drink but not just any drink. We are on a quest to find the most epic beverages in Boston.

Foundry on Elm - Geoff Thompson (12)

Geoff Thompson, Beer Czar

Beer is undeniably a lifeblood that keeps our days rolling, taking us through the ups and downs of being a man. These days the word beer has many connotations and as we mature so does our palate, but from Pabst to Craft, it will always have a special place in our hearts. Boston does not lack for quality beer makers or establishments to serve them.

I recently visited Foundry on Elm to take in their Thursday night Food and Beer Pairing. I was greeted by Geoff Thompson, Beer Czar and the man behind many of Foundry’s inspiring beverages.  The pairing is only $20 and includes two delicious courses from Chef Shayne Nunes and two beers of Geoff’s choosing to create an awesome duo of tastes and a pretty great way to cap off a Thursday.


Gnocchi deliciousness made with maple cream was perfectly paired with an India Pale Ale.

First Course was a Stout Braised Short Rib Taco with Cotija cheese, Tomatillo salsa on a grilled tortilla. Paired with Abita Purple Haze, wheat ale with raspberries. Second Course was Sweet Potato Gnocchi with roasted cauliflower, baby kale, maple cream. Paired with Stone Go To IPA, Session India Pale Ale. The pairing was amazing and honestly it has caused me to rethink my entire beer/food philosophy.

I’ve always steered away from drinking beer when I’m consuming high quality food, feeling that beer was too overwhelming as a beverage and ultimately would diminished a great meal. This pairing made me realize that I had just been going about it the wrong way. Much like a wine drinker would never do white wine with a Steak, beer and food also requires knowledge and thought to do it right. Geoff explained that it’s all about balance, “Beer is interesting because you can go comparing or contrasting like short ribs which is very rich and a dark porter or go the other way drinking something fruity with a little zip to contrast. I come fromIMG_1805 the wine world and the acidity in hops acts like the acidity in wine but the fun thing about beer with pairings is that there’s so many varieties of flavor and consistency, which gives you tons of options. You can have a really sweet dessert and a really hoppy IPA where is most people would think something really sweet would need to go with something more spicy which also works. It’s fun because there are so many kinds of each and as long as you understand the basics of pairing you can get really creative like we do on Thursday nights.”

Lucky for me on Thursdays at Foundry they also feature a tap takeover and this week they had Evil Twin brewing in house.  They are a delicious and creative craft beer maker out of Brooklyn, NY.  There were 8 beers to choose from and I was particularly fond of their Ryan and the Gosling, an All Brett Pale Ale that was super smooth and citrusy.

Armed with some new knowledge, I’ve definitely entered a new beer chapter in my life and plan to make Thursdays at Foundry a regular stop.

Foundry on Elm

Life is an adventure.

Sam Calef

Sam Calef

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