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Behind the Bar

Kyle Powell – State Street Provisions

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IMG_2356Best Bartending Story?

I spent an entire week dressed up as Han Solo for Star Wars Week at backbar in Somerville. I witnessed light saber duels, drank Bantha Milk Punch and essentially had to wear lycra for seven days. We rented a digital projector and kept the movies on loop the entire time. I’d be willing to bet there aren’t too many bartenders who can judge how far along they are in their shift by pressing play on the third showing of Attack of the Clones- nor would I wish that on anyone- but for an entire week we made kooky drinks and put smiles on peoples faces. There is a little bit of nerd in all of us but it felt special to be a part of something so silly but elevate it and make it fun for everybody. I’ll never forget working with that group of people or how stained my costume was at the end.

 Go-to Menu Item?
House-Made Rigatoni

House-made Rigatoni.

My favorite dish on the menu is the House-made Rigatoni. We’re fortunate enough to have a full time baker and a large pantry. It’s a lively area and the Chef’s are always busy making pasta and baking bread. The Rigatoni is served with Oyster Mushrooms, Braised Beef Cheek, Brussels Sprout Leaves and a Soft Poached Egg. I always make sure every guest gets a basket of our Parker House Rolls to sop up the braising liquid and the egg. It’s such a flavorful and comforting dish- I love it.

Favorite night of the week at State Street Provisions?

Thursday nights are always a fun night behind the bar. We have an excellent after work crowd and Thursday seems to be a day where everybody is in high spirits. George Carlin had a bit where he said TGi Fridays should change their name to H.S.I.O.W- If a restaurant could convince people It’s always Wednesday they would sell a lot more alcohol. While funny, I hate the idea of our guests stuck in a Groundhog Day-esque nightmare. Maybe George was off by one day, but I know I like my Thursdays.

How to make The Eleanor:


The name is inspired by one of the three ships involved in the Boston Tea Party; The Dartmouth, The Eleanor and Brig Beaver. Naturally, the first choice was Brig Beaver but I was told it didn’t invoke the same feeling of class that The Eleanor did. After some failed pitching I ended up throwing the name in the harbor – much like our fellow colonists did with British tea.

  •  2 oz Four Roses Bourbon
  • .75 Amaro Lucano
  • .25 Earl Gray Tea Syrup**

** Steep 16 oz of Earl Gray Tea for 3 minutes. Once it cools mix with 16 oz of Simple Syrup.


Thanks Kyle!

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