Behind the Bar – Christine at Crudo.


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Christine – Crudo.


My Signature Drink


Elder Scroll Martini

1.5oz St. Germain
1.5oz Nigori Sake
2.0oz Apple Juice

Shake Well for Foam.  2 Cherries.




My favorite item on the menu?

My favorite dish on the menu is one of our social plates called Surf n’ turf Shumai. What makes it surf and turf is that there is shrimp and pork both stuffed within 5 deliciously steamed dumplings.  Undoubtedly my favorite and I could eat them endlessly.

Best bartender story?

Crudo has had so many great nights having been there since we opened late June of this year. But for me it was all about what was created before the doors opened to the public. In getting ready and meeting one another, from the bartenders and servers to the sushi chefs we’re all one big family and it’s been so great learning how to become a well oiled machine. It was a really cool experience getting to know the other bartenders and going through our awesome specialty cocktail list. Making each drink and perfecting each cocktail brought each bartender’s unique knowledge and ideas to life using flavored spirits along with different styles of sake and taking a “classic cocktail” like Moscow Mule or Mint julep and putting an awesome spin on it. With the help of a great mixologist straight from Vegas night life; We really developed a great foundation and the support to help us create experiences through our cocktails and not to just offer a drink. With all that said, I feel like the family we built on the inside has flowed over to the guest experience.  And many of our guests also feel that good family vibe. And that was really one of my best bar experiences here; making CRUDO. a unique and great place.

Your favorite night of the week or event at Crudo?

Hands down, my favorite night of the week is Sunday. Weather it’s the afternoon shift or the evening shift, it’s always the most enjoyable.  The day always seems to bring out a mellow vibe throughout the night and Crudos atmosphere compliments it perfectly. Sunday’s are really cool for getting to know new guests and catching up with regulars/locals. On top of producing satisfying drinks, I truly love the interaction with guest.  On”Feng shui” Sundays, the music is always keyed in and on point while being surrounded by the beautiful architecture and decor of Crudo.

Thanks Christine!

BTW, the Sushi is amazing too!

Sam Calef

Sam Calef

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