Boston by the Numbers: Surprising Sex, Dating and Relationship Stats


Boston by the Numbers

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Ever wondered how the Bay State stacks up against the other states when it comes to dating, relationships, marriage and say, porn watching? Us, too. And lucky for you, we did the dirty work — rounding up a substantial number of studies to find out just how our habits, tendencies and preferences compare to the rest of the country.

Without further ado, here are the main takeaways:

Bostonians’ favorite first date spots are pretty eclectic. They are, in order of popularity: Boston Common, Institute of Contemporary Art, Museum of Science, Cambridge Brewing Co., and Drink in Fort Point, according to research conducted by dating site HowAboutWe.

Somerville’s our spot for making the sparks fly: Davis Square is the most popular neighborhood overall for date night.

We like to imbibe. HowAboutWe also found that dates involving beer, wine, and cocktails are almost 20 percent more popular in the Boston area than elsewhere.

And apparently we’re snobs about it1 in 6 beer dates in Boston specify craft beer, which is the most in the country.

Small plates for the win: HowAboutWe’s studies determined that Boston daters are 3x more likely than average to suggest tapas on a first date.

Before you bring up politics on your dateknow that according to HowAboutWe, the majority of Boston singles are liberal.

Boston is prime for heterosexual, single men. Why? Because of the unbalanced male-to-female ratio — in fact, according to a recent Census Bureau data there are 200,000 more women than men in Massachusetts.


Sorry ladies, according to Glamour, Boston has one of the worst dating scenes for single women.

… And it’s been named the worst major city for single women.  A survey by Glamour Magazine and found that one out of every eight men in Boston expects to have sex on the first date—more than any of the other 10 cities on the list.

Definitely consider staying in The Hub if you’re seeking to settle down. A recent study by online dating site showed that 40.8 percent of Boston men were looking for a serious relationship — the highest percentage of any city.

But Boston men and women definitely aren’t getting hitched young. The social media site My Life put together a map using census data and Massachusetts came in at one of the oldest-marrying states, right behind D.C. and New York. The median age for marrying here is 28.8 for women and 30.1 for men.

There’s a high percentage of LGBT residents. Among the 50 states, Massachusetts has the sixth highest percentage of people self-identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, according to a Gallup That’s a noteworthy climb from 2006, when other research by the American Community Survey found that Boston only had the tenth-largest gay population.

And a lot of gay couples are tying the knot here. Over the course of the first decade that same-sex marriages were allowed in Massachusetts a total of 25,785 gay couples got hitched, according to a review of state records by The Associated Press. That’s roughly 7 percent of the marriages in MA during the same time period. Interestingly, there’s a dramatic difference between the number of marriages involving two women compared with the number of marriages involving two men: Between 2004 and 2013, there were nearly 16,000 weddings for two women in Massachusetts, compared with about 9,900 for two men.

Oh, and we watch a lot of porn. DCIst reported that according to PornHub’s data analysis, Massachussetts is the third-most porn-hungry state (behind D.C. and Hawaii).

We don’t last long, though. A PornHub annual report found Bay State viewers only watched content for an average of 9 minutes and 26 seconds — putting the state in fourth place of the shortest visits.

Surprise, surprise: we happen to appreciate a little girl-on-girl action. A separate PornHub report found that the top search for the Massachusetts was “lesbian.” And’s Big Map of Porn showed that other popular searches for our state are “College,” “Teen,” and “Compilation.”

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Rebecca Strong

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