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Anthony Caro is a man who knows how to get things. His online store Craft & Caro is a a haven for today’s Well Done Man and anyone looking to acquire items that will produce a higher form of style and function. We asked Anthony to suggest one item per week that he believes will best fit and interest the audience of Well Done Boston.

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Product: Charcoal Facewash
Brand: Brickell
Origin: Washington, USA
Price: $25
Craft & Caro:

It may seem counterintuitive to put a black, chalky substance all over your face in an effort to cleanse, but it works. The activated charcoal in this facewash deeply cleans the pores of oil, bacteria, and grime, leaving a man’s face nourished. And it’s not really black and chalky, more grey and silky. Charcoal Facewash doesn’t foam or lather much either. It’s almost like applying a matte finish to your cheeks and forehead. Use it in the shower and you’ll find your skin smooth and firm, moisturized but not shiny. The peppermint, eucalyptus, and lemongrass scents make for an uplifting morning experience, and olive oil, jojoba, and aloe vera protect and heal. This 99% natural and 60% certified organic formula, made in the USA by Brickell, may be the best natural facewash we’ve encountered.

Brickell_instagram (1)Brickell is a company founded by two guys named Josh Meyer and and Matt Bolduc, who were fed up with the lack of good quality, natural, and effective grooming products for men. So they came up with their own, a full line of soaps, shampoo, facewash, lotions and shave creams. They’re all at least 97.5% natural and at least 60% certified organic, with tiny amounts of benign synthetics to maximize effectiveness, and definitely none of the bad stuff: Brickell products never contain petrochemicals, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrance or color; just fine, made in America skincare and grooming stuff.

Check out the top notch Charcoal Facewash at the link above or right here, along with all the other natural, effective Brickell products available at Craft & Caro.

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