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Anthony Caro is a man who knows how to get things. His online store Craft & Caro is a a haven for today’s Well Done Man and anyone looking to acquire items that will produce a higher form of style and function. We asked Anthony to suggest one item per week that he believes will best fit and interest the audience of Well Done Boston.

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Product: Moonshine Cologne
Brand: EastWest Bottlers
Price: $76
Origin: Austin, TX and Grasse, France
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Smelling like a man can go either way: good or bad, enticing or repugnant, ‘mmmm’ or ‘ewww’. You wash away the dirt and grime to get rid of the gross, but then how do you add the yum? First impressions last forever, so ensuring you are olfactorily well-received is a mark of any Well Done Man, and Moonshine cologne by EastWest Bottlers won’t let you down.

Moonshine is a luxurious gentleman’s cologne manufactured in France exclusively for Austin-based EastWest Bottlers. It’s a woodsy scent with hints of spice and notes of black pepper, tobacco, leather, gin, and patchouli. Definitively masculine yet refined, a waft from your wrists and neck offer a pleasantly fleeting experience to new introductions, old friends, and passersby alike. They’ll wonder who smelled so good.

To top it all off, Moonshine is bottled in a minimalist twist-top flask and comes in a burlap travel sack, all within an elegant pine display box. At 100ml, it’s even approved for carry-on by the FAA. Get yours today at Craft & Caro, and use the code ‘welldoneman’ at checkout for free shipping throughout the United States!

Anthony Caro

Anthony Caro

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