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Anthony Caro is a man who knows how to get things. His online store Craft & Caro is a a haven for today’s Well Done Man and anyone looking to acquire items that will produce a higher form of style and function. We asked Anthony to suggest one item per week that he believes will best fit and interest the audience of Well Done Boston.

Folle_Stapler 26_Eggplant & Black_front

Product: Stapler 26
Brand: Folle
Price: $88
Origin: Copenhagen, Denmark
Craft & Caro link:

The digital age upon us, there is little necessity for paper. That’s a good thing, we need our trees and forests! But sometimes you do need to use paper, like for that final college essay, and sometimes you just want to use paper, like for a romantic letter or an arts & crafts project with the kids. And where there’s paper, there must be a stapler. Options abound with all sorts available at your local Office Depot, and they’re okay. However, if you want something that will add uniqueness and style to your desktop, work smoothly every time, and last forever, you’ll have to look a little further.

Folle_Staplers2_InstagramThat’s where Craft & Caro comes in, this time with Stapler 26. Made in Denmark by Folle, Stapler 26 was designed in 1977 by Henning Andreasen, the iconic Danish industrial designer. It’s simple in its form and function, perfecting an otherwise mundane task. It feels heavy and ergonomic in one’s hand, easy to use without pushing down on a surface; it can just be squeezed around your unbound pages. Increasingly rare due to Folle’s small production capacity and Andreasen’s passing, Stapler 26 is a cult favorite. Its inclusion in MoMA’s permanent industrial design collection in New York City ensures that its fanbase will only get bigger, and demand following suit. You could say this is an investment-grade stapler, if there ever was one.

Craft & Caro is proud to offer Stapler 26 in four colors: chrome, plum, yellow, and two-tone black/plum. The all-black colorway is out of production, and we aren’t parting with the one in our office! Snag a piece of history today. Quantities are limited.

Anthony Caro

Anthony Caro

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