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The Well Done Man's Holiday Wish List is Here!

December 9th, 2015   2:47 pm

The Well Done Man’s Holiday Wish List

During this season of giving (and receiving) sometimes we need a little bit of what’s all around us.


October 29th, 2015   6:16 pm

Brothers Artisan Oil

For a long time I felt like shave oil was this little secret that only I knew about.


October 26th, 2015   7:00 am

13 Horror Movies to See Before You Die (Horribly)

With Halloween almost upon us we are firmly in the thick of horror movie season. Here are thirteen classics guaranteed to chill the bones.

Photo by Natasha Moustache

October 1st, 2015   7:00 am

Behind The Bar – Schuyler Hunton – Foundry on Elm and Saloon

WDB invites you Behind the Bar every Thursday for interviews with your favorite bartenders, menu tips and signature drink recipes to make at home.


September 30th, 2015   10:50 am

Clothing for Generation Whatever / Whenever – Meet Brunswick Park

Work and play are learning to coexist. Isn’t that the way it should be?

court stenographers of comedy

September 21st, 2015   9:45 am

Mondays Suck

I can’t make Mondays suck any less but I can tell you what doesn’t suck and happening this week. This week The Court Stenographers of Comedy!

Amped Up Big Show

September 14th, 2015   3:47 pm

Mondays Suck!

I can’t make Mondays suck any less but I can’t tell you what doesn’t suck and happening this week.


August 24th, 2015   7:00 am

John Cena – Hero

John, you are the epitome of a Well Done Man.


August 20th, 2015   7:00 am

Fair Menswear With Oliberté

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to find amazing style matched with a great social conscience? Now you can.


August 20th, 2015   7:00 am

Target’s Boston Collection is Wickid Fahckin’ Stupid

The collection is, as a whole, not offensive, but rather just really fucking stupid, the type of thing no self-respecting Bostonian would wear.