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Louis DiBiccari

August 13th, 2017   11:09 pm

The Well Done Man – Louis DiBiccari

I realized that the culture has to come first and if that falls into place then the cooking will too. If people believe what you believe then they will do what you ask them to do.

Dr. Robert Leonard 2016 lab coat

February 10th, 2017   3:44 pm

The Well Done Man – Dr. Robert Leonard

I tell people only God above can determine the future. I don’t have a crystal ball; however with my experience, I can have a good idea what probably happen. What I can promise you is that if you don’t treat your hair loss today, then you will have less hair next year.


November 18th, 2016   2:53 pm

The Well Done Man – TJ Taormina

I asked my dad what channel Howard Stern was on and he wouldn’t tell me. I woke up early the morning after watching his movie and went through every station until I found Howard on K-Rock and I totally fell in love with the show.

Dr. Maged Malecki in suit

August 25th, 2016   7:24 am

The Well Done Man – Dr. Maged Malecki

What we are doing with dentistry these days is really the design of the smile, building and engineering so it really is part architecture.

Chris_RT1 (1)

June 30th, 2016   9:44 am

The Well Done Man – Chris Rossi

The businesses that recognize the importance of constant innovation give themselves a chance to succeed.


June 15th, 2016   8:19 am

The Well Done Man – Dana Ehrlich

While in Argentina I had an experience where I stayed for a weekend at an estancia which is like a bed and breakfast that is located on a working cattle ranch. The beef there just tasted different: clean and delicious.


May 27th, 2016   3:50 pm

The Well Done Man – Ken Reid

I started in a really blue collar room in London so you had to kind of sink or swim pretty quickly. With stand up the only way you get good is by being terrible, that’s really the only way.

Nick Penna _MG_8821 (1)

May 11th, 2016   6:00 am

The Well Done Man – Nick Penna

This business is one part beauty, one part fashion and one part culture, it really has a little bit of everything and it’s always changing.

John Harthorne Headshot

March 28th, 2016   10:38 am

The Well Done Man – John Harthorne

I half fell asleep that night thinking “somebody has to fix this.” I woke up a few hours later to an adrenaline shot to the heart sort of moment.


February 9th, 2016   10:11 am

The Well Done Man – Daniel Koh

As the point man on Marty Walsh’s staff, Dan Koh is part of a dynamic team that is bucking trends and reshaping the city of Boston.