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Potential Profile PhotoIntroducing Emmi Sorokin 

Who among us has the style game figured out? I mean you’ve probably got a friend or two who knows how to dress or at least knows how to buy expensive clothes but do they really know what looks good? It’s been said that image is everything and we kind of agree. That’s why we’ve enlisted Emmi Sorokin, author of The Business Casual Survival Guide and lifelong men’s stylist to provide WDB readers with relevant style tips every week and help you master your style.

For our first installment, we sit down with Emmi to get to know the woman behind Well Done’s newest series.

Why are you particularly qualified to tell guys what to wear?

Getting into fashion was survival for me and I starting noticing what people wear when I was about 5 years old. I’m from Moscow originally and when we immigrating we moved around a lot and we had no money so I saw very clearly that what you are wearing makes a difference. When we met a new group of people whether we were accepted by them or shunned by them had everything to do with what you were wearing and very little to do with who you are actually were. As we moved to different places I would change my image and get different receptions each time so I became obsessed at a very early age with fashion and felt like it was my one way of establishing my place in the world. I look at clothing form a very practical standpoint, I believe it is your most immediate tool to change how you feel about yourself and change the way other people view you.

What was your motivation for writing THE BUSINESS CASUAL SURVIVAL GUIDE?

I get requests from guys all around the country and not all of them have the money to fly me out for a styling session. Also, I realized that I was answering the same questions and giving the same lessons over and over so I decided to write the book. In it I give guys 30 looks and what I consider to be the four basics for knocking out a look for any occasion.

photo-1456444029056-7dfaeeb83a19What are your four basics?
Fit – You need clothing that flatters your individual physique. This is the foundation and 75% of your look.
Feel – Find a piece that feels like you or matches your personality.
Layering – A top layer, like the right jacket, vest, or knit elevates your look and adds character.
Accessories – These are the finishing touches that are going to make you legendary.

This formula works with everything from totally casual to black tie formal.

Which one of these four is usually out of place?
The fit. Most guys buy clothing that is too large.

What do you enjoy most about helping guys look better?
To be able to bring out a guy’s inner awesomeness to the outside is the most gratifying thing in the world. What I love is seeing how people treat him, how his confidence skyrockets and how his quality of life improves.

What is in right now?
Right that the prints and textures of the 70’s are influencing everything, as well as the cuts of the 70’s and 60’s.

What are some of your favorite brands?
I love John Varvatos. It’s edgy but not over the top. It’s really sexy.

If you could give guys just one tip for looking good, what would that be?
The importance of not settling. Absolutely do not buy something unless it makes you feel great when you put it on. Everybody knows that feeling. Every item in your closet can be like that not just one thing. Stay strong.