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River Bar - Grilled Corn (c. Brian Samuels)

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Executive Chef Patrick GilmartinRiver Bar

Grilled Corn Salad

River Bar - Grilled Corn (c. Brian Samuels)


2 ears corn

1 tbl housemade kewpie

2 lime wedges

1 tbl togarashi

2 tbl cotija cheese

salt to taste

minced chives


Grill ears of corn until cooked and beginning to blacken.

Cut corn off ears while hot, and place into bowl with the mayo, half the togarashi and ¾ of the cheese. Season with juice of one lime wedge and salt.

Toss everything until nicely mixed and serve in bowl. Top with the rest of the togarashi and cheese, and add a lime wedge on the side for garnish. Top with chives and serve.

What inspired this dish?

It is my less messy interpretation of Mexican Elote, which is one of my favorite vegetable dishes. I order it every time I go to Tenoch in Medford Square and wanted to find my own way to serve it at River Bar.

Best time to prepare / serve this dish?

It is going to be at its best when local corn is at its best. If you see a ‘fresh corn’ sign next to a shack on a country road, then it’s time to stop, buy some, go home and make this dish.

Do you have any tips for selecting ingredients in this dish?

There are so many tiny farms all around New England that produce excellent corn so my suggestion is to try as many of them as you can.

Any expert advice for preparing, seasoning, plating, etc.?

 This dish works best when everything is done aggressively: the corn is charred aggressively, seasoned aggressively with lime and hot pepper and tossed with enough aioli that it is messy. Don’t be afraid of it

Patrick Gilmartin - River Bar (c. Brian Samuels)

Thanks Patrick! To taste more of Executive Chef Patrick Gilmartin’s masterful cuisine visit River Bar – 661 Assembly Row, Somerville.

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