How to Dress for a Date


Style tips for the Man looking to advance his Romantic Portfolio

By 9tailors

There is no doubt that you’ve given your date-night outfit some thought. But, what do women want you to wear? The ladies at 9tailors have compiled a few tips and tricks to help you catch the eye of that special someone across the bar.

No one will judge you for being “too clean.”Untitled #104

Let’s start with the basics. Cleanliness of your hair, body and your clothes are important because sweat and stains cannot be masked. This does not mean dousing yourself in cologne. In general, women like a light and fresh scent. In addition, no matter how freshly showered and deodorized you are, an unwashed shirt can be a major turn off. Make sure that your clothes are properly cleaned or recently dry-cleaned. If you do a smell test and you are even remotely suspicious, it’s best to leave this at home. As a side note, dry-cleaning does not remove odors. Spritz a solution of white distilled vinegar and water to the affected and allow it to air dry.

Extra credit: If you’re going from work to cocktails, we recommend keeping a clean undershirt and dress shirt at your desk. Then, you’ll have something fresh to change into.

A little effort goes a long way.

In other words, be the best you that you can be. We just want to know that you take a little pride in your personal appearance. Women pay attention to the small details and so should you.

Fit is key. There is no need to wear skinny pants or body-hugging shirts. We recommend going with a well-tailored dress shirt, blazer and trousers. A great pair of trousers accentuates your rear. Trust us, the ladies look! Trousers should be fitted through the hip and upper thigh, then it should taper slightly through the leg. A dark, neutral blazer has the ability to dress-up any outfit, even if you’re in jeans or khakis. Your blazer should be fitted at the shoulders and trim at the waist. You can be a little bit more playful with your dress shirt. Try a light pattern, checks or stripes. In general, the dress shirt should fit close to the body. If the buttons are pulling while sitting or standing, it’s time to go one size up, or try custom.

Shine and buff your leather shoes. Nothing ruins an outfit more than a poorly distressed pair of shoes with salt stains and scuff marks. Shining your shoes is not only good for the leather, but it also signals to others that you take care of your personal effects.

Upgrade your accessories. Accessories, from pocket squares to cufflinks, add depth and personality to your outfit. If you’re not a pocket square wearer as we’ve heard so many proclaim in the past, a nice timepiece might do the trick. One of our favorite aspects of men’s clothing is that you only have to invest in a something like a beautiful watch once. They are classic, standing the test of time. As the weather turns, try a scarf. They’re completely functional. But, when you wear something brightly colored, it can elevate any outfit.

Extra credit: If you have the budget for one, vintage pieces are great conversation starters.

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