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So, apparently it is getting down to crunch time in the debate for the Boston 2024 Olympics. Now, I’ll be honest here, I don’t actually know all the details of what it would mean for Boston and the state if we were to host the 2024 Olympics, but I did see some of the pictures that surfaced last week showing what the city would look like during the Olympics. They are truly impressive take a look:

Boston 2024 Boston Olympics Olympics Boston

Wow, right? I mean there’s virtually no traffic anywhere in the city if Boston hosts the 2024 Olympics! Why isn’t this more of a highlight in this Olympic debate? I mean, if that is what Boston’s streets will look like during the games then bring on the oppressive cost burden for taxpayers, and the potential of crippling the state economy, because life is all about compromises.

Okay, enough of that, because the World Champion is going to be here all weekend long! Yes, Judah Friedlander, the greatest comedian in the world, will be at Laugh Boston Thursday July 30th through Saturday August 1st, with 2 shows Friday and Saturday.



Judah is best known for his role on 30 Rock as the writer “Frank Rossitano”, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Judah is one the greatest authors of all time and an incredible athlete, holding something like a double dark black belt in karate. He truly is the greatest world champion that ever was.

It’s not every day that a person holding the title of being the World Champion or the greatest comedian in the world comes to Boston, so if I were you I’d be canceling plans or calling out of work to go see Judah Friedlander this weekend. With 5 shows in 3 nights there is really no excuse to not go, unless, that is, you don’t like greatness. Well, then no one can help you at that point.

Judah_Friedlander muppet

Buy his books, follow him on social media, enjoy greatness, and see Judah Friedlander in Boston

Kayla Avery

Kayla Avery

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