How to make Valentine’s Day work – featuring VienneMilano

We called in VienneMilano for some tips on how to make this year's Valentines Day count

Yes…Valentine’s Day Shopping Can Be Fun

Raise your hand if you think Valentine’s Day is in need of a little tune-up. I mean how many times are you going to buy your girl flowers, cards, chocolates or ah-oh more jewelry?

I’m sure most women would say those are all fine gifts, but here at WDB, we are a little more willing to push the envelope and think you should be too.

We reached out to Boston’s own Vienne Cheung, owner of VienneMilano – maker of world famous luxury thigh highs, for some much needed advice on buying a gift that will light up any woman’s eyes and be real easy on yours.

And just in case you needed a little extra push, we’ve also included a very special Valentine’s Day Photo Shoot(bottom) featuring VienneMilano in action, Well Done Style.


imageWD: Hey Vienne! We love your thigh highs or should I say the way they look…can you give our readers some background on VienneMilano and what makes your products unique?

VC: Hey Sam! Sure, so a little bit about the brand: I started VienneMilano as I was unable to find premium thigh highs that would stay up on my leg, and not associated with Halloween. At the same time, I love Italian craftsmanship. As such, in 2011, I created VienneMilano sourcing from Italy (you know, the same country that brought us the Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagani…). Today, we have 40 sexy styles and 20 different colors made in a range of material. We believe our thigh highs allow a woman to reveal her style & confidence by being elegant, playful and sexy in every occasion.

Also, another thing that makes VienneMilano unique is our packaging – we went the extra mile to create an exquisite box so that guys like you don’t have to worry about presentation!

WD: So for guys who have never bought thigh highs, what kind of response should we be prepared for? Is it like lingerie or is it more than that?

VC: Oh yes! Thigh highs are very much considered lingerie. If this is your first time getting VienneMilano thigh highs for her, then be prepared to get smothered by kisses (or something even more? Although no promises!) Your wife, girlfriend, mistress, and or significant other will LOVE you for pampering her to a luxurious treat!Brooke WhiteCorner1

WD: Valentine’s Day is coming and every Well Done Man, who has a woman to please, is curious about what to get this year. Can you give us a little tutorial about what to look for and how to buy thigh highs?

VC: The first question I would ask is: What type of girl is she? On a scale of 1 to 10, how high-maintenance would you consider her to be (1 being low, and 10 being high)? If you consider her to be on the low-maintenance side, then I would recommend LULU in black as this pair of thigh highs is simple yet elegant.

If she scores high on our high-maintenance scale, I would recommend OTTAVIA lace. The lacy pattern is super seductive.

And if she’s somewhere in the middle, I would get her VALENTINA with a bow as it’s both simple and sassy.

The second thing to be mindful of is: How tall is she? Our sizes go by height as opposed to weight. So if the girl you’re shopping for is petite (within 5’ 4”), then buy her VienneMilano stockings in size small. If she’s somewhere between 5’5” and 6’2”, then buy her size large.

For the Valentine’s Day occasion, I would also stick to black.

WD: Ok, now if you’ll excuse me, I think I’m ready to put some of this knowledge to use. Thanks Vienne!

VC: Anytime! And be sure to follow us on or instagram/viennemilano – hopefully our models will be able to help you visualize how our thigh highs will look on your special lady friend.

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