Meet Holly Haggerty

Meet Holly Haggerty, this week's Well Done Woman.

Holly Haggerty – Designer/Club Promoter

WD: Tell us about your clothing line?

HH: My clothing line is called Arihhsan. I came up with it while working at a boutique in New Bedford MA called Ahab’s Wife. The owner Charlotte was a great mentor to me and there I learned a ton. I got so inspired and decided I wanted to do this myself. I wanted to be bold and do different things. I wanted to find that balance between unaffordable luxury and the boring mainstream. I want to not exist in any category and just be free to create!

WD: That’s great! So you are also a club promoter.

HH: Yes, I love going dancing with friends so it was a natural fit to work in the dancing and club industry. I promote for Royale in the theater district and The Greatest Bar in North Station.

WD: What motivates you day to day?


Photo by Rosa Caban

HH: To stay happy, I need to be active. I don’t like being idle.

WD: What do you consider to be a Well Done Man?

I think a guy who is real and true to himself is a Well Done man. Guys that don’t flaunt or front, which is a huge turn off. Guys that talk incessantly about money come off shallow to me because the real payoffs in life are the things we accomplish and not what’s in our bank accounts.

Well said Holly and Well Done

You can find Holly at and

Photos by Rosa Caban


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