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Nadine Michele – Model/YouTube Personality/BeachBody Coach


9585WD: You certainly stay busy! What motivates you day to day?

NM: My motivation comes from trying to always be a better version of myself. I think its just part of who I am in that multi-tasking is where I feel most comfortable. I guess you could say I don’t like to leave all my eggs in one basket.

WD: You have traveled quite a bit, recently in Kuwait, what is one place everyone needs to see before they die?

NM: Yes, I love traveling! I actually completed my quest to visiting every place mentioned in the Beach Boys song “Kokomo”. I actually deployed to Kuwait back in 2006 (wow, time flies!). The place everyone definitely needs to see before they die would have to be true happiness. I know it sounds sappy, but its one of the most beautiful places. The view from there is better than any view you could travel too.

Nadine Michele

WD: As a fitness and health enthusiast, what do you do without fail every week to stay in such great shape?

NM: Absolutely without fail, meal prepping and meal batching is what helps me the most with my goals. You can exercise all day, but if your diet isn’t clean, you will not get the results you want no matter how many burpees you do!

WD: You cover a lot of bases with your youtube channel, is the internet the future of television and film media?

NM: I try to make my channel an accurate depiction of all my interests (comedy, modeling, sports and health and fitness). I can speak from experience, that I spend more time and watch more videos on youtube than I do any other vehicle, whether it be TV or movies so I can definitely see it being the future of television and film media for sure.

Nadine Michele

WD: What are some of your favorite places in Boston to get dinner or for a drink?

NM: I love love love going down to Jerry Remy’s by the Waterfront Seaport area of Boston. They have the only wall size TV is Boston and a ton of other TVs pretty much everywhere so I can watch all my Boston Sports at the same time. Its pure heaven!

WD: You are a die hard Red Sox fan, what do they need to do get get back on track next year?

NM: I am! I actually have the Boston “B” tattooed on the back of my neck. In my opinion, for them to get back on track they need to develop a new starting rotation of pitchers and add some youth to the team to develop them into the future of what the Boston Red Sox Organization will be. But look, they won the World Series the year after the Boston Marathon Bombings and really gave our city a great sense of strength so I will love them thru their losses, they can do no wrong in my eyes.

Nadine Michele

WD: You just got engaged (sorry guys!), what’s the plan for the big day being and where is the honeymoon?

NM: What’s funny is we already went on our “honeymoon” to Jamaica last year! And by honeymoon, I mean we were just friends that thought it would be a great idea to pretend we were on our honeymoon to get free upgrades, because let’s face it, who doesn’t love free shit. So to get fully in character we got “rings”. And by rings I mean 12 dollar mall kiosk “rings”. But what an amazing honeymoon. On the plane ride home we decided we didn’t want to take them off. Fast forward one year later and it turns out the joke was on us. And boy did I get an upgraded ring! But no big plans for a wedding or official honeymoon just yet, I’m sure we will dream up something super off the wall and fun though! Definitely nothing cookie-cutter.

Thanks Nadine! Can’t wait to see what you do next!

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