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It’s June 1st! The year is half way over if you can believe it, and on June 30th there will be a leap second! Yes, that’s right, there will be an extra second on June 30th, which is supposed to look like this: 23:59:60, on your clock if you remember or care to look. Leap seconds aren’t all that June is known for, just take a look at what else has happened just on June 1st alone…

1796 – Tennessee becomes the 16th state

1869 – Thomas Edison patents the Voting Machine

1938 – Baseball helmets are first worn by batters

1951 – International Cheese Treaty is signed

1971 – Ed Sullivan’s final T.V. show on CBS

1979 – LA passed it’s first gay rights bill

1993 – Brooklyn, NY starts recycling

1997 – 1st NY Women Film Festival

…And tomorrow on Tuesday, June 2nd at 8pm, The Moth comes to Boston for another great storytelling event happening at Laugh Boston.


Founded in 1997 by poet and novelist George Dawes Green when he wanted to recreate the Georgie summer nights spent telling stories amongst friends and the moths would get attracted to the light. Since then, The Moth not only performs worldwide to sold out crowds but in 2009, The Moth started a weekly podcast which quickly lead to the launch of their popular national public radio show “The Moth Radio Hour,” on over 200 public radio stations and winning a Peabody Award in 2010. In 2013, The Moth made the New York Times Best Seller list with publishing, “The Moth: 50 True Stories”, a collection of stories from their performance history.

On top of being incredibly popular as is, The Moth holds “StorySLAM” events in major cities across the country and you guessed it, Boston is one of those major cities. The Moth StorySLAM is an open-mic competition for storytellers where the winners after 10 SLAMs battle it out in the GrandSLAM competition for the ultimate bragging rights.

Every StorySLAM event has a theme in which 10 performers get 5 minutes to tell a true story based on the theme in hope to impress the audience and the judges that their story is the best heard. And just to more spice to the mix, storytellers are picked to perform by having the host draw names from a hat.

The theme of this week’s The Moth StorySLAM is: Snooping, and I am willing to bet everyone and their mother has at least one story about snooping where they shouldn’t be. You know this show will be interesting to attend. If the theme of the show isn’t enough to get your attention, well then you’re probably a stick in the mud but to each their own, the show is hosted by Jeremy Brothers and I can assure you he is someone to get your attention.

jeremy brothers

Jeremy Brothers is a ridiculously talented performer and probably a creative genius, which makes sense since he is both the Artistic Director of Improv Asylum and Director of Improv Asylum’s Training Center. Jeremy Brothers has also created some of Improv Asylum’s most popular shows like “All The Single Ladies,” and co-creator of the show “The Vanity Project” which aired on WCVB-ABC. Basically what I’m saying is this guy knows how to put on a damn good show, so there’s no reason not to go.


Kayla Avery

Kayla Avery

Kayla Avery is a stand up comedian, writer and boxed wine enthusiast who you should follow on twitter @averykayla

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