Mondays Suck!

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Okay, so this Monday doesn’t really suck, it’s actually a pretty damn good day knowing that this will be the first full week of marriage equality in all 50 states! The historic Supreme Court ruling on Friday, giving victory of marriage equality to same sex couples, was the most perfect cherry on top of the cake of amazing Supreme Court rulings issued last week. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Affordable Care Act, aka “Obamacare” or what Justice Scalia renamed it as “SCOTUScare”, meaning millions of Americans had their health insurance coverage saved. They also ruled in favor of the Fair Housing Act.

These are all huge wins for the American people and should be celebrated, and what better way to celebrate the right side of victory than the 4th of July, which is only a week after SCOTUS issued these great moments in history.

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Okay, now before you start making plans for the 4th, which is still a few days away, there is a show happening TONIGHT that you should go check out first.

Johnny Ds comedy

The show “Interesting Points” is part of Johnny D’s Comedy Showcase which runs on Monday nights at 7pm and is produced/hosted by Kevin Quigley. Oh, and it’s only 4 bucks!!

Interesting Points is a panel show featuring a handful of local comedians who get to share personal stories related to the show’s topic and get to play the show games, which all plays into the question of what makes comedians interesting? For more information of tonight’s show topic and featured comedians click the link below:

If you can’t make it to tonight’s show don’t worry, you’re going to miss out on a fun time but you can always “Like” Johnny D’s Comedy on Facebook so you know all the details on the upcoming shows.

kevin quigley

Have a Well Done week and happy 4th!

Kayla Avery

Kayla Avery

Kayla Avery is a stand up comedian, writer and boxed wine enthusiast who you should follow on twitter @averykayla

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