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Apparently, now that all the snow in Boston has officially “melted”,  it means here comes the heat, and if you don’t know how hot it is outside just turn to social media to read all about it. Don’t worry though, once Donald Trump says any words or sounds out of his big dumb face, social media will immediately forget to complain about the weather.

Now, I know the news is full of terrible stories and seemingly something tragic happens every hour on the hour, but there was one story in the news last week that was fantastic to hear or read about. The 2015 Emmy Award nominations were announced on July 16th, and this year some very deserving shows were rightfully nominated. Among those well deserving shows is “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” which grabbed 3 nominations for its first season including “Best Writing for a Variety Series.” Now, for the best part of this story, one of the “Last Week Tonight” writers is a beloved Boston comedian Josh Gondelman, now an Emmy nominated comedian, and we couldn’t be more proud of and excited for all his success.


Speaking of British humor, something great is here for the summer called Magnificent Bastards, who are performing shows at Davis Square Theatre in Somerville, and the Oberon in Harvard, Sq., Cambridge, through the end of August.

The UK theatre troupe Magnificent Bastards isn’t your ordinary theatre troupe, and by that I mean, yes, they perform Shakespeare BUT it’s with a twist…all the actors are drunk.

This Thursday and Friday at Davis Square Theatre and Saturdays at Oberon through the end of August, Magnificent Bastard Productions presents:


shitfaced shakes

The show one ups the drunken debauchery in that they make the show interactive with the audience, even giving the audience control to tell actors to drink more. The show “Sh*tfaced Shakespeare” has been running since 2010 performing through the UK as well as having completely sold out shows during the Brighton and Edinburgh Fringe Festivals. Now the Magnificent Bastards are here for the summer for your drunken entertainment.

Saturdays at Oberon and this Thursday (7/23) and Friday (7/24) at Davis Square Theatre, ticket price listed between $15-$25 for more information and links to buy tickets is on there website:


Kayla Avery

Kayla Avery

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