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Ranger Zone Comedy

It’s the Monday after April vacation week, well for the schools that didn’t decide to cancel to make up for snowmaggedon, meaning your oddly easier commute last week is over.

Now before you do something outlandish because you’re stuck in traffic and the car in front of you doesn’t understand right on red, just remember things are happening this week that you’re going to want to go to.

April has been an incredible month for comedy with back to back comedy festivals happening and the first annual Boston Comedy Marathon, it’s almost hard to believe that this is just the beginning of spring (it actually shouldn’t be hard to believe spring always comes after winter just how seasons work).

One of the best things about spring time, with the longer daylight hours and warmer weather is, it makes it easier to get out and experience new and interesting things. Speaking of new and interesting, there is exactly that going down this Thursday, April 30th.

sextacular show

The Sextacular Show is not your traditional mom comedy show, it combines comedy and storytelling with burlesque dancers with the purpose of celebrating sexuality. The show takes place at 9:30 pm at Improv Boston in Cambridge, MA. For more information please visit:

Another great thing about comedy in Boston is that practically every night of the week a comedy show is taking place and get this, some of those shows are free! Yeah, that’s right you can go to a comedy show free of charge and just have a good time laughing. For instance, this Sunday, May 3rd, the free comedy variety show:

The Ranger Zone

Ranger Zone Comedy

10pm @ ZuZu in Cambridge, MA

The Ranger Zone show is hosted by Aimee Rose Ranger every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month bringing you some of the best comedians in Boston as well as fresh new local talent. Comedy isn’t all this show has, this Sunday will also have a musical performer and if you check out the Facebook invite below you’ll see that there’s more to come in which case you have to go to the show to see what the more is.

Kayla Avery

Kayla Avery

Kayla Avery is a stand up comedian, writer and boxed wine enthusiast who you should follow on twitter @averykayla

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