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In 2011, Neon Indian created one of my favorite albums of all time: Era Extraña. A true achievement, this album was a game changer for me as it introduced me to the magic and perfection of digitally generated music. However to say that Neon Indian is merely electronic would be doing him a huge disservice as he often manages to blend very raw emotion and vivid dreamscapes into his digital world. This is by no means a small feat and for me is the key difference between what he does and the oft over-used and over-played sounds of “house music.” If movie metaphors are your thing, it’s similar to the difference between Neo and the Sentinels in the Matrix. He harnesses the perfection and repetition of electronic music and makes it better by adding a human element. His music is truly original and inspirational.  I actually bought a keyboard after falling in love with Era Extrana but could never quite turned that itch into anything tangible.

I recently saw Neon Indian in concert for the first time and am very happy to report that his live show is also great.  His onstage energy invited all to dance along to his newest album Night School. Where Era Extrana is a nod to the 80’s with a dash of emo Night School goes back one more decade calling on disco and channeling the unbridled joy of that time.IMG_1621 (1)

I would highly recommend starting with a copy of Era Extrana the next time you’re looking to expand your music library and moving on from there.  Key tracks include Polish Girl, Hex Girlfriend, Fallout and Heart: Release.

Listen to Polish Girl from Era Extraña on Spotify.

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