Night School – Part III: Seduction

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Night School 

Part III: Seduction

Founder of E'cole Nuit - Kristine Isberg Photo by Erik Patton

Kristine Isberg
Photo by Erik Patton

The weekend is here and time for Part III of my four part series on Men and Sexuality. I’m Kristine from L’Ecole Nuit Boudoir Lingerie (that’s French for Night School) offering men tips on how to get more SEX – from a female perspective. As a reminder, this series is about physical pleasure, not the stuff that porn is made of – but real pleasure. If you’ve followed the first two installments, you should at this point have a better grasp on how to attract a woman, make her feel special and spark some chemistry between the both of you. If you haven’t, then go back and read Part I – Attraction & Part II – Sexual Tension. No skipping classes at Night School – trust me this is one class you’ll want to earn an A+.

You’ve learned the importance of creating sexual tension, by arousing her through the push and pull technique. Playful flirting with a hint of antagonism – tease then compliment. Now you are ready for the Seduction. You left her wanting more, she’s responded physically and at some level emotionally. Now it’s time to seduce. Seduction is an art form, and in order to pull it off successfully, you need to be three things: casual, confident and caring. Let’s begin with casual.

imageAppearing casual means there is no pressure on her part. She’s not feeling threatened or pressured into something. Think about it, the more casual a conversation is going the more enjoyable and easier it is to continue. Apply the same concept to seduction. If you come across as casual about the sex, then it becomes a challenge to her to make you want her. Men aren’t the only ones who are competitive. It’s reverse psychology – and she is now an active player in the game of seduction. You’ve put it out there that you are attracted to her through the flirtation – now the trick is to begin to act on the sexual tension. Get suggestive, but not so intense that you freak her out. Basically, slow it down. Take your time – and you will get there.

This is where the confidence comes into play. It’s no secret – confident men get the ladies. We all know it. Doesn’t matter what they look like, if a guy is confident, women are attracted. Be aware though, we can tell a faker. Faking confidence is as bad as faking an orgasm. It is a huge turn off. We all have our insecurities, but the key is to play up your strengths and downplay your weaknesses. Confidence goes hand and hand with casualness. Act like you know you are going to get sex and you’ll get it. You will convince her through your confidence that this is something she wants. And you aren’t misleading her, because we want guys who are sure of themselves. That makes us sure of you and our decision to sleep with you. Give her hesitation and you will lose your opportunity. Just like faking it, there is a fine line between self-assured confidence and obnoxiousness.

imageSo how do you be confident, but not overly confident as to be obnoxious? Show that you care about her – as a person – not just as another conquest. Caring about the person doesn’t mean you need to pretend you want a relationship or profess your love for her. Don’t lie or mislead her. Be honest and upfront. That shows the woman that you respect her. And this is especially important with casual liaisons. Women want sex – but they don’t want to appear slutty either. So if you show that you care about her and not just about the sex, then she won’t question what her body is telling her, which, hopefully at this point is to sleep with you.


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Kristine Isberg

Kristine Isberg

Founder of L'ecole Nuit

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