Step Outside Your Comfort Zone


Don’t Get in the Zone, Get Out of It!


I don’t care how much time you put into the gym, if you’re not shocking your system, you’re not reaching your full potential. For decades it’s been a challenge to get men to try Yoga and Pilates, now there’s a push to break the stigma for Ballet Barre, and even Dance classes. It doesn’t matter how much you can do, or if you look ridiculous doing it, if it’s a new experience for your body you will benefit substantially.

The social stigma doesn’t stop with everyday men, the same goes for you yogi’s and avid cyclists. You’re not stimulating all 5 aspects of fitness or utilizing all your potential by being consistent. Consistency helps our bodies maintain and even make steady progress, but you should know that shocking your system, and stepping outside your comfort level, is where the big gains are made.

There is never a need to feel uncomfortable at a gym, especially in a group fitness class. If you do then you need to find a new place to work out immediately! I run four different fitness companies and personally refine each of my trainers not only on form, range of motion, and execution, but also on motivation and encouragement. There’s more than enough fitness options out there that you will be able to find somewhere that you’re more comfortable. I’ll even switch a class unexpectedly from time to time just to shake everyone’s routine up a bit; some may hate it, but everyone benefits from it.

So all you big macho “bros” out there, drop the ego, go check out a Vinyasa Flow Yoga class, drop in on a few Ballet Barre or Pilates classes, even rock out some Zumba.

And guys, tell your ladies, get off those spin bikes and yoga mats. Throw on some camo and get down and dirty in a Boot Camp or boxing class. They’ll stimulate a whole new set of endorphins.

Never Stop and Be A Well Done Man 


John Lamb

John Lamb

John Lamb is a nationally accredited Personal Trainer and carries numerous certifications in the health and wellness field. Aside from fitness and wellness, John has notoriety from his appearances on VH1's Tool Academy 2 as well as other various cameos in film and television. John's outgoing personality and ability to understand the human psyche landed him the job as the world's first international make sex decoy for a private investigator. His work with On The Mark Investigations landed him on The Howard Stern Show and even a special segment on WCVB's Chronicle. John's column will bring you weekly advice and insight on various subjects in the health and wellness field, as well as a personal perspective on current life issues.

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