The Legend of Tom Brady and what is really on the line this Sunday

The Legend of Tom Brady and what's really on the line this Sunday.

The Legend of Tom Brady and what is really on the line this Sunday

The Odyssey, Canterbury Tables, Lord of the Rings – the story of the journey has been told countless times throughout our history and in every tale the closer you get to your destination the harder it gets. No theme is more present in the Hollywood archives. Paul Simon even wrote a song about it. The powers at be will push us back and make their stand, but in the end every test and every challenge put in front of our heros only further solidifies their legacy and makes us stand in wonderment of their accomplishment. We love the journey.

IMG_0110.JPGThere is no denying the greatness of Tom Brady – but is he the best ever? Most fans and experts alike share the belief that if the Partiots win this Sunday against the reigning NFL champion and what most people perceive to be the best team in the league, that this is exactly what he will be. THE BEST EVER. Did you think this would be easy? Did you think the wood work would not shake, that every stone would not be unturned or that every kitchen sink would not be thrown in his way?

Gentlemen, we (along with the rest of the country) have now devoted an entire week to a concept that is so basic and so inconsequencial, that not even Bill Belichick in his 40 years of football, had ever taken the time to fully understand it. Everybody knows that a football game is not determined by air pressure. Football is a battle that begins with every snap and is determined by strength, quickness and intelligence. The size and feel of a football is a small detail in a much bigger production and the players use the tools they are given. Great players make great plays and around here we’ve seen enough of them to know the difference. Consider the last standardized test you took…did the type of pencil you used have anything to do with how you performed? Each play, a catch or a throw is precipitated by dozens of actions, collisions and decisions that make it possible. That’s what makes football the ultimate team sport.


“Deflategate” is simply part of our treacherous journey to be the best, and as fate would have it, this time the spotlight is shining right on our quarterback. Never before has anyone ever questioned Tom’s integrity. Why would they? He is by all standards what we call around here a Well Done Man. Combining skills and talent with hard work and determination to be the best that he can be. No one has ever questioned his motivations or his conduct and no one ever should. He leads and he gives back and that is a legacy that has long been established. Good for Drew Bledsoe for coming to his defense. The one guy who has every reason to hate him. Brady took his job, his home and his team but managed to earn his respect. That might be the most amazing feet of all and speaks loudly to what kind of teammate Brady is.

Here in New England we are at the gates of some sort of heavenenly hell. Truly in the grips of history. We have had the pleasure to watch one of the greatest teams and quarterbacks in the history of the NFL. There is no denying that. Remember 18-0? One helmet catch away from perfection. Had we won that game this article probably would have never been written but also we might not be looking forward to watching Tom and The Patriots play in a 6th Super Bowl. Longevity also has it’s merits and there is no doubt that this is the biggest of them all.

Brady stands a champion of men on and off the field. He possesses the respect and admiration of teammates past and present, along with holding almost all the major statistical records for what is the true job of a quarterback…TO WIN. However, even all those records and admiration do not make him the best. Nope, he needs number 4. Call it a bookend or dotting the “i” but this is the one that pushes him to the top. So it’s only natural that this journey should take one more perilous turn, one more opportunity to look in the mirror and prove everybody wrong – to be the best there ever was and the best there ever will be.


Sam Calef

Sam Calef

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