The Well Done Guide to Valentine’s Day


The Well Done Guide to Valentine’s Day


If you are the last minute type, guess what?

Valentine’s Day 2015 is upon us and regardless of how you feel about Valentine’s Day, we here at Well Done Boston have put together a comprehensive list of things to do, gifts to buy, or ways to avoid the hoopla and just get on with life.

We reached out to some of our friends for their ideas, talked to our girl and boyfriends, and did our due diligence. Hopefully no one will be bored or sad this Saturday!

First, How to dress:

Depending on what kind of evening you want to have, how to dress will tell everyone something. It will tell your significant other that you want said outfit ripped off at the end of the night. It will tell all the everyone on dates, that your partner has the best dressed guy in the joint, leaving them incredibly jealous, and it will tell all the other guys that their game isn’t close to being on your level.

If you don’t have that special someone and are still out on the town, let everyone single know that they didn’t get all dressed up for nothing. Because you are there, dressed impeccably, and are ready for anything. Who doesn’t want a kiss on Valentine’s Day? It’s game day; suit up.

For the formal occasion


Right now at Saks Fifth Avenue these Frye James Lace-Up Oxfords are on sale for $114.00. Essentially a steal! Simple yet elegant and go well with your snazziest duds.

Saks Fifth Ave 800 Boylston St, Boston MA





Right now at (recent feature) 9Tailors they are having a Sample sale with up to 70% off till 2/14. Don’t miss the opportunity to get something amazing and save for the gifts for the misses.
9Tailors 24 School St Boston



For the semi formalist:



Steve Madden Diino with monk strap will look super sharp yet give you that semi laid back approach. They know you try, just not trying too hard.

Steve Madden Boston 118 Newbury St Boston





This casual twill blazer is on sale right now at Gant. You will look right as rain, or snow (god damn you Boston) in this jacket where with the right fit the ladies won’t be able to take their eyes off of you.

Match it with the chino New Haven fit from Gant and you are Don Juan himself.


Both on sale at Gant right now!

Gant – 324 Newbury St Boston 



For the casual approach:

Wesley-Brown Well Done Boston


These Wesley Wingtip Chukka boots are the perfect shoes to say, he’s got style – he cares but he doesn’t. Just what the girls want!

They can be paired with jeans or slacks and might keep your feet warm walking through this ungodly snow.

Find them at:

The Tannery 711 Boylston St Boston





Believe it or not, you can find some great stuff at Target….yes, Target. Check out these H26 Slim Fit Stretch Premium Chinos. Only $32.99! That’s the thing with Target, you will look like you spent far more money then you did on your clothes, keeping that savings for the big night out. We all know that it’s not what you spend but how you spend it that counts.

Target – Everywhere in MA








This Hugo Boss ‘Lok’ | Regular Fit, Cotton Button Down Shirt will match those new chinos great and have you looking ready for action.


You can find it at:


Hugo Boss 109 Huntington Ave, Copley Place, Boston





Ok, now that you have your outfits ready to go, its time to focus on your plans.

What you do for your partner, depending on your their expectations, will go a long way! Not everyone needs a big night out, where as some want to be woo’d. You know your significant other and what kind of VD they need. (whoa, I just realized shortening Valentine’s Day is VD. Your partner does NOT need VD).

I spoke with some of the girls we recently featured on their plans and/or suggestions to the perfect night.

7744 copy


Nadine Michele suggests Paint Night. There are several events taking place on Saturday and what could be more fun and romantic then painting a portrait for your lover? Click here for tickets.





Anne Ransom suggests “going ice skating, fondue, movie night with a home cooked meal, road trip, recreating your first date, or trying something totally new, like going indoor rock climbing!





Sarah Russi (feature coming soon!) suggests “take her out to a quiet restaurant. Mistral is a good restaurant to go for romantic dates in Boston.”



krim2WM (1)-2.png


Krimson Skye (feature coming soon!) suggests “My advice to guys would be take her out for ice cream! (we love ice cream).” Try Lizzy’s Homemade Ice Cream in Harvard Sq!




Here are a few of our suggestions for couples:

To eat

Red Lantern Boston is having a Valentine’s Day special. From 1-3pm they are hosting a class and lunch on how to make sushi. At $200 per couple you will get a miso soup demonstration, assorted appetizer course, hands on sushi instruction, and sake and champaign pairings. It’s being presented by executive chef Kevin Long. Get your tickets here.

The Sinclair in Cambridge will be having their St Valentine’s Day menu which includes apps, main course and dessert. Be sure to check back with Well Done this Friday as we are featuring one of the artists, Dark Waves, about their show there this Saturday! Be sure to pick up tickets.

Browyn in Union Sq Somerville will be doing a VALENTINSTAG MENU with 3 courses for $39, an optional Beer & Wine pairing for $19. Impress your lady with some fine German cuisine.

Gaslight in the South End will have a menu of a la carte specials in their signature French style. This place will sure to have your lady throughly dazzled by your choice!

For drinks –

Brick and Mortar in Central Sq. Hip atmosphere, great music and the cocktails are crafted just right!

Saloon in Davis Sq. You want your drinks taken as serious as you want your date to take you. Kill two birds with one stone by taking them here. They also have some great dessert, if this is where you want to nightcap your evening.

Drink in Fort Point. If high end cocktails is what your partner desires, look no further than Drink!

Highball Lounge Downtown. Award winning bartenders and boardgames. You, your date, and your game of Jenga will get tipsy together.

For Adventure –

Cross Country Skiing. Well we have all this snow so might as well put it to good use! Take your date for a cross country skiing adventure!

Indoor Skydiving! Get the thrill of free falling and free falling in love, simultaneously.

Go for a hike! Head to your local wooded area and see nature together! Just be sure to strap on some snow shoes.

Here are some other suggestions from friends:

Get to know Zoë Graham Today!



Recent feature Zoë Graham says “extravagant dates are a little cliché on Valentine’s Day. I would be happiest with ordering takeout, renting a movie, and staying in”




Photo by easphotography

Anthia Mo (feature coming soon) says “A girl would love it if their boyfriend showed them appreciation with something romantic or special planned. Surprises, gifts and dates are always things girls like :)!”







Photo by David Reyes



Isabella Capri (feature coming soon) says “my advice for Valentines Day for men is to simply spoil your lady and show her how much you love her! You don’t need to go crazy with buying gifts, if you put in a little effort and give her lots of love, your lady will appreciate it. But don’t just do it on Valentines Day, do it every day!”




Johannie well done



Recent feature Johannie Valdes says “Valentine’s Day is insignificant. You should be demonstrating your admiration and love for your partner “every” day. Not just on this specific holiday.”





The most important thing here would be using your imagination. You should know your lover well enough to know what kind of day they would really enjoy.

If single:

The Greatest Bar is hosting a huge Tinder Parter according to one of our upcoming features Sammi Michael: “I will be dancing and slinging shots at the. Huge Tinder party "</p at Greatest Bar. We’re making it an opportunity to meet your match and other singles… so that would be my suggestion for single guys. The Greatest Bar is at 252 Friend St Boston.

Howl at the Moon is hosting their annual Love Sux party. Bring in a ripped or destroyed picture of your ex and commiserate with other lonely hearts! Maybe you will meet someone new!

The Estate is hosting their Flirt Fest. Cocktail hour and a best and work pick-up line contest. Do you have yours ready to go? If nightclubbing on a Saturday night is your thing, don’s miss this!

Abby Lane is having their Broken Hearts Bash. DJ’s, dancing, and comfort food. Everything you could ask for in a singles night!

Ashley Winter 4



Or take recent feature, Ashley Winter’s advice “I think a single guy should go out with any single friends or stay in and watch a movie. It’s just any other day no big deal!”





Photo by Tara Starr Photography



Well Done contributor Kayla Avery says “stay away from red roses they are poor quality due to the forced high yield to meet the demand. Instead learn the person favorite color and pick a flower other than a Rose of that color.”






krim2WM (1)-2.png

Krimson Skye says “I would want you to wake me up with a caramel macchiato coffee from Starbucks and my favorite chocolate chip pancakes followed along with some white roses and a card and, of course chocolates.







Photo by easphotography


Anthia Mo says “Flowers and jewelry!”









Sarah Russi says “he should get her a pair of designer shoes or jewelry”






Recent feature Thanee Hobson says “So many men out there think that we, (women), just want chocolate, a card and jewelry. Though that is very nice, but it’s not all that Valentine’s is about. Valentine’s is romance. Speaking for myself, I would rather a well thought out beautiful night instead of you just going into a store and picking up a gift. Where is the thought in that, the passion? How bout you try this: Candlelit bath, chocolate covered strawberries and champagne or (drink of your choice) after, a nice, long sensual massage (look up online different massage techniques) to soft romantic music. You can use a beautiful smelling oil that will definitely put her in the mood. Make the night about her, explore her and entice her.

Trust me after that you will be her favorite valentine.”



And Anne Ransom says, “Gift ideas – Mixtapes of music you both enjoy, perfume, sports tickets, baked goods, her favorite home cooked meal, a new watch, and clothes from her favorite brand!”





And be sure to check our feature on Vienna Milano and their lingerie!

The bottom line is use your creativity and knowledge of your significant other when deciding what to get. It will make all the difference, as I know the thought is what counts.

Most importantly remember, Valentine’s Day is just one of 365 days to show your appreciation for your loved one. Make sure every day is Valentine’s Day!

Be a Well Done Man.