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The Kinks – The Anthology 1964-1971

Look, when it comes to classic bands, if you are not entirely familiar with them, my best piece of advice is to jump in feet first. Sure, many of you will probably think, when it comes to the Kinks, that its “You Really Got Me” and boom, you are done. Well, I counter with The Anthology 1964-1971. This anthology is 140 songs, 6hrs and 16mins. Yes, a lot, but since you will be sitting in a boat load of traffic over the holidays, you will have tons of time to kill in the car. This record can serve as a perfect dread killer for the awkward conversations you will likely be having with family once you get there. You’re welcome.

Michael Taggart

Michael Taggart

Michael Taggart is a Managing Partner at Well Done Boston. In his spare time he writes music, eats pizza, and thinks about doing pushups. Please get in touch on one of the icons below.

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